Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dear Bill Maher, Having Sex With Black Women Doesn't Give You A Pass To Say Nigger On National TV

A quick note to Bill Maher (and white people in general): if you're going to say the N word in public, use the "GA" version, not the one that ends with "ER".

It won't sting as much and the black people you offend may consider giving you a partial ass whooping instead of a full blown beatdown.

Mr. Maher, buddy, the black community appreciates your loyalty and support, but you can't go around flinging the N word at people without clearance from the grand council of niggerdom, including its president - Samuel L. Jackson.

That goes for all of you white sons of bitches who think listening to rap music, eating fried chicken and fucking black people qualifies you to say nigga. Newsflash boys and girls - it doesn't! The backlash prompted by Maher's Jim Crow flashback should be a cautionary tale for all of you.

Just keep it simple - continue to lock your doors whenever you see a black man walking by your car...keep following us in department stores to make sure we aren't stealing know, the normal stuff. Why rock the boat?

But I'll circle back to this in a minute.

As a black man with knowledge of how the world works, I'm generally reluctant to trust any white person that crosses my path (it's a reflex).

But for some reason, I like Bill Maher. In fact, he's someone I've admired over the years, despite the fact that he is ...well, a middle aged white guy.

Maher belongs in the Bill Clinton category - he's a slick talking, slick-haired white man whose earned credit within the black community because of his anti-establishment politics and fervent support of marijuana legalization.

For several years now, Maher has been the proud owner of his very own special edition "nigga card." This great privilege isn't bestowed upon just any white man, but Maher's dedication sets him apart from the others.

From his support of Barack Obama to his public romances with black women, Billy Boy has earned his stripes as an honorary Negro. And let's not forget, Jay Z was a guest on Maher's show in 2013. That earned him several nigga points.

Obtaining this status comes with a few perks. Namely, Maher has permission to weigh in on black issues (and occasionally speak on behalf of the race), even though his skin is probably whiter than any other host of a cable television show (apart from Conan O'Brien, who I also like).

Maher also has the freedom to borrow African American slang. However, there's one word that he knows better than to ever use outside the privacy of his own home.

In his most recent recent telecast, Maher blurted out the expression "house nigger" in front of a live studio audience, and millions of people watching across the country. This brings me back to "GA"/"ER" comparison.

No matter how you spin it, Maher had to have known that he was playing with fire. Nothing positive will ever come from a white man howling the word nigga, nigger or even making the N sound in a public place (unless he's living in Mississippi...or Alabama...or Texas...or pretty much anywhere in the South).

However, speaking as a black man, the word "nigga" doesn't come across as offensive because it's used in everyday conversation. I recently overheard two Korean break dancers call each other "my nigga," which tells me things have changed a bit since the days of slavery.

By comparison, the word "nigger" is still the most offensive racial epithet in existence. If saying nigga is bad, using it's older cousin is 10 times worse, and no matter how connected Maher thinks he is with Black America, that word is simply off limits to white people - no questions asked.

This infraction merits him getting a serious ass whooping from some Terry Crews lookalike, and afterward, he should be made to sing the black national anthem during the opening monologue of his next show.

Although I'm sure he meant no real harm, Maher deserves every morsel of criticism flying his way for using a term that most black people even refuse to say. It's not that we hate you Bill, but this time you stepped over the line and into a whole mess of trouble.

Good luck getting Jay Z (or any "nigger") back on your show.

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  1. Why not? Niggers say it all the time. We call whities all kinds of deragitive names but they don't freak out and burn down their own towns!